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Model Feature: Courtney Roberts, Director, Global Health Philanthropic Initiatives Eli Lilly and Co


Citizen. Globe-trotter. Dreamer. Doer. That’s how Courtney Roberts describes



Growing up, Courtney wanted to be a White House correspondent. “I wish

someone would have told me that my life was going to look completely different

than what I had planned… and that’s ok,” she says.


On her career path, she did work in politics, serving in the administrations of

Indianapolis Mayor Bart Peterson and U.S. Senator Evan Bayh.

The path led her to her current position as the Director of Global Health

Philanthropic Initiatives at Eli Lilly and Co.


Advice she would give her younger self? “Always have a plan, but be open to

diversions in that plan. The most enriching experiences in my life, both personally

and professionally, have been the surprising opportunities that showed up that I

said yes to.”


Her success did not happen overnight. “It took years of growth, but I took

ownership of my career,” Courtney says. “I realized that my career doesn’t belong

to a company, or to a supervisor. It belongs to me. And with that responsibility

comes a great deal of power and confidence.”


Courtney has advice for women navigating a job search. “With each role you’re

considering, look beyond the job description that’s written on paper and ask

yourself — what is the very biggest thing I can do in this role? Don’t limit the

roles, or yourself, to what’s written in black and white. Think big.”


Courtney has a big role coming up as a model in the 2019 Dress for Success

Indianapolis Stepping out in Style Fashion Show. Confidence is key when walking

the runway, and when asked if she has any power pieces that make her feel

confident, Courtney replied, “heels, heels, heels!”


Courtney also believes success is being confident in who you are, and leaving your

mark on this world in a way that is authentic to you.


Her favorite quote is by Mary Oliver, “Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your

one wild and precious life.”


Contributor: Erika Flye, Dress for Success Indianapolis Board Member

Model Feature: Mary Boelke, Indianapolis Managing Partner, Deloitte LLP


“I’m going to Disney World!” It’s not just a saying we hear on

television, it’s a big part of Mary Boelke’s life! The self-proclaimed

Disney fanatic travels with her family to Disney World every year!

In fact, she travels all over the world. It’s her hobby.


Mary also has a distinguished career as Indianapolis Managing

Partner at Deloitte LLP. She says she’s had a lot of support

getting to where she is professionally. “I have been so fortunate to

have sponsors throughout my career that supported me and

challenged me to take risks,” she said. “Although I have been with

Deloitte for over 28 years, I have had many different roles and

lived in Dallas and San Jose as well as twice in Indy. I am not

sure, that I would have taken on some of the roles if I didn’t work

for a firm that supports me.”


Support also comes from the person she calls her hero. “My mom

is my hero. She has been my biggest supporter and taught me to

believe in myself and dream big. Even though I am a first

generation college grad she instilled in my siblings and me that

education would open doors and that we could do or be anything

we wanted,” Mary said.


Whether on the job or on the go, Mary takes time out to work on

herself. “I didn’t always make time for my personal well-being as I

balanced family and my career. Over the last year or so, I have

made it a priority to exercise and eat healthier. I feel better than I

have in years due to these changes.”


Contributor: Erika Flye, Dress for Success Indianapolis Board Member

Model Feature: Dr. Katrice Albert, Executive Vice President of Inclusion and Human Resources, NCAA


Katrice Albert: Your Passion and Purpose will Guide your Career

Katrice Albert is Executive Vice President of Inclusion and Human Resources at the NCAA. She is a frequent writer and speaker on educational and workforce diversity, gender and dynamics of power, and intercultural competence.

For women just starting their careers or seeking to make a career change, a mentor can play a valuable role. Katrice has had many mentors throughout her life and shares what she’s learned through those relationships, why mentoring is important, and advice for people beginning a job search.

Why are mentors so important professionally?

Mentors might help to socialize you to the culture of your career. Culture is a verb—they assist you by helping you understand the nuances, the unwritten rules, and those things in which you should pay attention.  Because work-life balance is illusive, they help you focus on “life at the center of work.” They help you to reduce barriers and hurdles because they give you access to problem-solving with their lived experience. They might also help you think through a path to success in a career progression map.

What did your mentors teach you?

All my mentors helped me understand that purposeful leadership requires a commitment to excellence in all that I touch. Purposeful leadership requires building trust with whom you work and accelerating the “speed of trust” is gained by authenticity and vulnerability. Finally, purposeful leadership requires that you stay ahead of the curve in your field. Visioning and ideation of what is around the corner or bend helps you continue to be a though and action leader in your field.

What’s the best advice a mentor has given you?

  1. Determine the pressure points or challenges with which your boss is dealing and over-index for problem solving these challenges with innovative ideas.
  2. It’s all about relationships. Build relationships and nurture them. Foster them. Cultivate them.
  3. Hire people smarter than you and get out of their way. In other words, hire leaders with great potential and mentor them. When you do, the entire team is successful.

How can people find a mentor?

The key to finding a mentor is determining a person you’d like to emulate. Learn more about their career and life progression, successes, and interesting tidbits. Invite the person to coffee or lunch to ask them directed questions about their career and life success and missteps and things they would have done differently in a difficult work situation. Evaluate if there is chemistry such that a relationship might be developed organically. Create reciprocity by making sure you are giving as much as you are taking.

What advice would you give someone who is starting on their job search?

A career should be a combination of passion and purpose. Employment stops along the way should stretch you to grow and activate your purpose and passion. I have three pieces of critical advice when starting a job search.

  1. Focus on the accomplishments and successes you’ve had in previous roles. You should be able to speak powerfully about the skills you have and explain the success you’ve created in other roles. You should be excited to communicate to a hiring authority how your past experiences of success can be transferred to your work in their company if given the opportunity.
  2. Cast a wide net and use your network of colleagues, family, and friends to connect you to hiring authorities. Relationships matter and letting those in your network know that you are seeking new opportunities will lead you to more interesting options.
  3. Maintain a positive attitude. You’re in the hunt for a new role and you may receive a few or several “no’s” in the process. While disappointing, maintaining a positive attitude and a focus on the future “yeses” will allow you to be your best self when the invitation for an in-person interview occurs.

What about the DFS mission resonates with you?

The mission of supporting women transition to the workplace with high-quality wardrobe items is so remarkable. Successful women have supported me throughout my career — especially offering me critical advice around professional image — therefore supporting others as they grow their professional image and brand is so meaningful.

We all have an outfit or piece that makes us feel confident. What is your power piece?

An unorthodox answer here—red lipstick! I have worn fire engine red lipstick my entire adult life. It is my signature statement and power piece every day! Cosmetics mogul Bobbi Brown said, “Nothing says confidence and glamour like a classic red lipstick.” Yes! Red lipstick my power piece!

Contributor: Jennifer Nelson, Content Specialist at KSGilmore Consulting LLC


Model Feature: Carrie Tidwell, Owner of Clover Senior Care


Carrie Tidwell: An Entrepreneur at Heart

Carrie Tidwell has always been an entrepreneur at heart. The nurse owned a paint your own pottery studio a few years before starting Clover Home Health Care in 2014, in between working at a hospital and at a home health agency, Alpha Home and Physical Therapy Inc.

It was her time at Alpha, taking care of clients in their homes that inspired her to start her own company.

“I saw people who needed additional help and had little support,” she explained.  “I thought I could this and do it well.”

So, she and a marketing partner launched Clover without borrowing any money. She started out providing care or hiring outside non-skilled caretakers to help with patients. Now, the company has 80 employees.

Carrie said it’s been very rewarding to be able to provide jobs for people and to care for those who really need it. She’s proud when she sees clients get better and thrive in their own home happily, safely, and healthfully.

What would she tell someone who is looking to start their own business?

  • Save early and often. This doesn’t just apply to entrepreneurs, but to everyone. It’s also a message she has instilled in her children. If you begin to put aside even a little bit of money when you are younger, it will grow into a nest egg that you can use to purchase a car, put toward buying a home, or to start your own business.


  • It’s okay to fail. “Don’t be afraid of failure,” she explained, as it will only make you strong in the long run. You can’t succeed without little bits of failure. Just put one foot front of the other and keep going, she continued.
  • Hire someone with a business background. When you run your own business, you often wear many hats, including bookkeeper and HR manager. Bringing in someone to take those duties off your plate frees you up to run and grow your business.
  • “Stop dragging your feet and “just” do it.  After operating out of her home for two years, Carrie really needed to get an actual office space. She asked her mom, Billie Dragoo, if she could use some of her office space. Her mom told her, “You need to pull up your big girl panties and get your own office space!”  But as Billie does with all women, including her own daughter, she helped her by immediately picking up the phone and calling a friend to help Carrie find that space.

Carrie’s mother has been an inspirational person in her life and has shown her how to be businesswoman and advocate for women.

“We all need someone to help guide us, inspire us and motivate us,” Carrie said, “especially when we have setbacks.”

Contributor: Jennifer Nelson, Content Specialist at KSGilmore Consulting LLC


Our Sponsors Speak: Bedel Financial Consulting Proudly Supports Dress for Success Indianapolis






BFC and DFSI Stepping out Together

Bedel Financial is delighted to sponsor Stepping Out in Style for another year!  Why?  Because we believe in the mission of Dress for Success!


Everyone Needs Financial Security!

The mission of Dress for Success is closely aligned with the mission of Bedel Financial.  At Bedel Financial, we know that a sense of financial security is a basic need for everyone. Financial security and planning for an ideal future is at the core of what Bedel Financial does, and it’s at the heart of what Dress for Success is all about. That’s why we continue to support this wonderful organization year-after-year. We know how important financial security is to a family and to women.


What does Bedel Financial do?

Bedel Financial Consulting is located in the Keystone Crossing area and for thirty years has provided both financial planning and investment management services to its clients. We are consistently recognized as one of the top twenty-five women-owned advisory firms in the nation by WealthManagement.com.

Our clients entrust us with over $1 billion in investable assets that we manage in order to provide for their current and future financial needs.  Bedel Financial is a consulting and management firm.  We provide unbiased advice which is implemented through knowledgeable industry professionals who bring additional expertise to our clients’ situations.  We provide clarity, confidence, and security with results – enabling our clients to focus on the moments, not their money.


What does Dress for Success do?

Dress for Success gives their clients the confidence and tools to take control of their lives.  Each woman who enters Dress for Success for the first time is seeking the security of a brighter and more stable future and the possibility of dreaming bigger.  They want to be in a position to meet today’s needs as well as plan beyond their next paycheck.

When interviewing, confidence is everything!  You need to be the total package, because we all know that first impressions make a difference.  Resolving the issue of “what do I wear?” goes a long way in reducing stress and allowing one to totally focus on the interview. But many need even more.  Dress for Success provides not only appropriate business attire for an interview, but a supportive environment with a network of peers who cheer you on and, if necessary, pick you up.  And, to further develop work skills, they provide educational sessions and resources.


It’s Our Community

Since founding Bedel Financial in 1989, Elaine has made it a cornerstone of the business to give back to the community, particularly to those causes supporting women.  When women support each other, incredible things happen:  visions are realized, communities thrive, and hope flourishes.

For many local women, Dress for Success represents this hope for a better future for them and their families.  As has been demonstrated over and over, participants go on to become successes in their own right, as well as better role models for their children and assets to our community.  And that means a stronger, more vibrant community for us all.

Let’s Make It Happen!

We’re a proud supporter of Dress for Success and have been for years. We hope you will join us in supporting this worthy organization that’s making life better for all of central Indiana, one woman at a time.

Need answers to nagging financial questions? We have a wealth of information on our website, social media and weekly blog. You can sign up for our quarterly e-newsletter and blog at www.BedelFinancial.com. You can also find us on Facebook, Twitter (@BedelFinancial) and LinkedIn.

Contributor: the BFC Team, Bedel Financial Consulting

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