Model Feature: Mary Boelke, Indianapolis Managing Partner, Deloitte LLP


“I’m going to Disney World!” It’s not just a saying we hear on

television, it’s a big part of Mary Boelke’s life! The self-proclaimed

Disney fanatic travels with her family to Disney World every year!

In fact, she travels all over the world. It’s her hobby.


Mary also has a distinguished career as Indianapolis Managing

Partner at Deloitte LLP. She says she’s had a lot of support

getting to where she is professionally. “I have been so fortunate to

have sponsors throughout my career that supported me and

challenged me to take risks,” she said. “Although I have been with

Deloitte for over 28 years, I have had many different roles and

lived in Dallas and San Jose as well as twice in Indy. I am not

sure, that I would have taken on some of the roles if I didn’t work

for a firm that supports me.”


Support also comes from the person she calls her hero. “My mom

is my hero. She has been my biggest supporter and taught me to

believe in myself and dream big. Even though I am a first

generation college grad she instilled in my siblings and me that

education would open doors and that we could do or be anything

we wanted,” Mary said.


Whether on the job or on the go, Mary takes time out to work on

herself. “I didn’t always make time for my personal well-being as I

balanced family and my career. Over the last year or so, I have

made it a priority to exercise and eat healthier. I feel better than I

have in years due to these changes.”


Contributor: Erika Flye, Dress for Success Indianapolis Board Member

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