Model Feature: Angela Smith Jones, Deputy Mayor of Economic Development

Angela Smith Jones, Deputy Mayor Economic Development, Indianapolis



Angela Smith Jones is a woman with a big heart. You can see that by her choice
of favorite movies — An Affair to Remember and When Harry Met Sally. “I am a
true romantic,” she said. Angela is the Deputy Mayor of Economic Development for the City of Indianapolis.

As a child, Angela wanted to be a Pediatrician. “I believe the reason I wanted to
be a Pediatrician is because at the core, I want to help people. I want to make life
better for people. To me, children are the most vulnerable and to be able to care
for and heal a child would be so rewarding.”

Angela credits her parents for coaching her on life decisions growing up. “Any
goal which I set or had; my parents spoke into my life to ensure that I would be

She treasures her mentors and believes they treasure her. “They reach out to me
on their own accord with words of wisdom and action steps. I, in turn, listen and
act. The key to a mentoring relationship is the mutually vested interest
and respect that the mentor has, along with my respect for the mentor.”

Angela believes having mentors allowed her career to become what it is today.
“My mentors have tough conversations with me. They are not all complimentary
and you’re doing a great job. My mentors push me and give me sound advice.”
She advises women navigating the job search to identify a minimum of two key
mentors. “It should be a mutual relationship where there are synergies, respect
and a basic friendship,” she said. “I would next reflect on the deep passions —
what drives me, what do I really want to do? Look at your strengths and
weaknesses. Then sit down with your mentors and begin to discuss those very
answers. What career options are there for you? What additional networking or
certifications do you need. And always, always know that the answer is not going to be easy to hear and may require shifting some goals and direction.”

Her big heart might be the reason she loves motivating and pouring into others.
“If I am able to be a blessing and share something that would inspire them to be
their best selves and to know that they are okay, to embrace who they are… then
I would be fulfilled.”



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