Our Sponsors Speak: Bedel Financial Consulting Proudly Supports Dress for Success Indianapolis






BFC and DFSI Stepping out Together

Bedel Financial is delighted to sponsor Stepping Out in Style for another year!  Why?  Because we believe in the mission of Dress for Success!


Everyone Needs Financial Security!

The mission of Dress for Success is closely aligned with the mission of Bedel Financial.  At Bedel Financial, we know that a sense of financial security is a basic need for everyone. Financial security and planning for an ideal future is at the core of what Bedel Financial does, and it’s at the heart of what Dress for Success is all about. That’s why we continue to support this wonderful organization year-after-year. We know how important financial security is to a family and to women.


What does Bedel Financial do?

Bedel Financial Consulting is located in the Keystone Crossing area and for thirty years has provided both financial planning and investment management services to its clients. We are consistently recognized as one of the top twenty-five women-owned advisory firms in the nation by WealthManagement.com.

Our clients entrust us with over $1 billion in investable assets that we manage in order to provide for their current and future financial needs.  Bedel Financial is a consulting and management firm.  We provide unbiased advice which is implemented through knowledgeable industry professionals who bring additional expertise to our clients’ situations.  We provide clarity, confidence, and security with results – enabling our clients to focus on the moments, not their money.


What does Dress for Success do?

Dress for Success gives their clients the confidence and tools to take control of their lives.  Each woman who enters Dress for Success for the first time is seeking the security of a brighter and more stable future and the possibility of dreaming bigger.  They want to be in a position to meet today’s needs as well as plan beyond their next paycheck.

When interviewing, confidence is everything!  You need to be the total package, because we all know that first impressions make a difference.  Resolving the issue of “what do I wear?” goes a long way in reducing stress and allowing one to totally focus on the interview. But many need even more.  Dress for Success provides not only appropriate business attire for an interview, but a supportive environment with a network of peers who cheer you on and, if necessary, pick you up.  And, to further develop work skills, they provide educational sessions and resources.


It’s Our Community

Since founding Bedel Financial in 1989, Elaine has made it a cornerstone of the business to give back to the community, particularly to those causes supporting women.  When women support each other, incredible things happen:  visions are realized, communities thrive, and hope flourishes.

For many local women, Dress for Success represents this hope for a better future for them and their families.  As has been demonstrated over and over, participants go on to become successes in their own right, as well as better role models for their children and assets to our community.  And that means a stronger, more vibrant community for us all.

Let’s Make It Happen!

We’re a proud supporter of Dress for Success and have been for years. We hope you will join us in supporting this worthy organization that’s making life better for all of central Indiana, one woman at a time.

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Contributor: the BFC Team, Bedel Financial Consulting

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